Smartphones and Golden Corral

In February of this year we got our first "smartphones". Boy are they fun! You can do just about everything with them. I can check my mail, take pictures, post to Facebook, read Facebook, track my calories with MyFitnessPal, play games (I am addicted to Candy Crush), watch Duck Dynasty and Hoarders with the A&E app, carry a Bible, have a flashlight, and watch my daughter on Instagram. I can even occasionally make a phone call or text my kids.

It has occurred to me that having a smartphone needs some restraint, like going to a Golden Corral buffet. Just because they have who knows how many choices - it isn't necessary to eat each and everything offered there. The point of the buffet is to have a choice of what you want, and it doesn't mean that's the only kind of restaurant you go to.

I realized that I have neglected writing because I spend more time on my phone checking Facebook and my email than I do on my laptop. It's so easy to get caught up using apps rather than writing a blog post or reading other blogs.

I rarely go to Golden Corral these days. I find there are too many choices, it's easy to overeat and I have a compulsion to "get my money's worth".

It is my hope that I can show better restraint with my smartphone now that the "newness" has worn off. I still intend to use it with all it's cool gadgetry, but when I am "on the go". At home I plan to open up the laptop to check my email and Facebook and WRITE more.

How about you?

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