Go Hug Your Kids

I brought my eldest home from college a couple of days ago (Tuesday). Drove three hours, helped him clean his room (I won't go into what  a dorm suite of four young men looks like after two semesters!) and then gladly brought him home. We enjoyed both our conversation and our silence on the trip.

Yesterday he got the news that a classmate from high school had died and a dorm neighbor from college had been found dead the day after he left. We don't have details on either one yet, but the tragedy is the same.

I was reminded of a couple of tragic deaths during my teen years of two young men. One from a car accident and one by his own hand. Both deaths had a very big impact on me.

Tragedies such as this reminds me how precious life is and our time together with friends and family should not be regarded lightly.

Go hug your kids (physically or verbally) today.

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