Friends - one of my favorite things

I know that technically friends are not "things", but for my purposes in this theme it works. I moved around a lot growing up. There are many perks to doing that. You get to have lots of "fresh starts", see different areas of the country, discover how much people are alike no matter where you go, and it probably had something to do with developing my love of travel and adventure. It does however mean that your friends tend to be a bit temporary. Some friends you take with you of course, but it's different. Now however, I have lived in the same town for nearly 27 years. I met my best friend (or "bestie" as my daughter calls it) 25 years ago and we have been close all that time. I've added other "best friends" along the way. I love my husband and my family, but friends - I don't know what I'd do without them.

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