Early Morning . . . one of my favorite things

I am not particularly a morning person. I can easily stay up too late (especially when I am reading a good  book) and I like to sleep. But there is something about early morning that I enjoy, that is IF, I am the only one up and everyone else in the house is sleeping. I like that quiet that comes with being the only one stirring, yet not being alone. I let the dog out of her crate, go in the living room and sit on the sofa with Daisy curled up beside me. Sometimes I drink a cup of coffee, often I just sit and listen to the sounds of the house.

I do the same thing when we are on vacation, especially at the beach. I love to go sit out on the balcony (or porch, depending on where we are) and sit quietly listening to the sounds of the beach, watching the sun come alive.

There's just something about the promise of the day that is held during those early morning moments.

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