Minions and Smartphones

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge will be here before you know it. I have participated for the past two years, and that's how I've met most of my wonderful blog friends. I encourage you to join us for a great time. This exercise will really stretch you as a blogger and you can meet some really neat people along the way (and they get to meet you too!).

This year I have been chosen to be on the Mighty Madlab Minions Team helping out one of the co-hosts, Nicole from The Madlab Post. I am looking forward to seeing the challenge from a slightly different perspective.

I haven't chosen my theme yet, maybe I won't have one this year. I have the previous two years, but nothing has come to me yet. But, I still have time for some wonderful creative idea to pop into my head.

On another note, my family jumped into the 21st century this week and moved into the world of smartphones. The learning curve hasn't been as bad as I thought it might be, but with an iPhone I'm finding it's all pretty user friendly. The biggest challenge is working to keep the data usage down. We turned the cellular off, planning to only use wi-fi whenever it is available, saving the data for real need. Interestingly I couldn't set up my voice mail until I turned it on. But once I had it set up, I could turn it off and I get my voice mail just fine. Sneaky. Hey - maybe I'll set my April theme around Smartphones! Hmmm . . . have to think about that one.

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