Date Night

I have found in our nearly 24 years of marriage that spending time together is really important. We have grabbed moments whenever we can. One of our favorites has been getting up early on Saturday morning, before the kids are up, and going to the grocery store. We have fun shopping together. With cell phones we've been known to call or text each other from across the store to check in.

Date nights generally include getting some dinner (we like Moe's, Jake's Diner, and even Hardee's) and then going grocery shopping at Wal-mart. Our kids snicker when we say we're "going out".

Last night however, my husband and I had a real date night, as in dinner and a movie. Out. Dinner was had at Bonefish Grill. Boy is that place delicious! Usually I get Lily's Chicken (the running joke at our house is that mom always orders chicken - even if it's at an Italian, Steak, or Seafood place), but this time I got the Scallops and Shrimp. Fabulous! Then we went to a budget theater (tickets are $1.50!) and watched Skyfall. Even though I still think Sean Connery is the ultimate James Bond, I will concede that Daniel Craig was pretty good last night.

So grab those moments together regularly - but try a real date night too!

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