Comforters, Sharp Objects, and Covering Assets

I went shopping with my husband on Saturday at Garden Ridge. They had a fabulous sale on comforters - 50% off! At those prices I can afford to change every year and not have to worry about the "investment" I am making. We picked up a bright cheery set (comforter, bed skirt, shams) for only $15!

As fun and nice as that was, what really grabbed my attention was waiting in line. I even took a picture - the warning made me laugh. If I do not cut with a sharp object - what should I cut it with? Can I cut it with a dull object?  Perhaps they meant, "do not open with a sharp object" or "do not cut".

While I really do understand what they meant, I think their wording could have been better.

On another note, seems like CBS asking the Grammy people "cover up their assets" might not have gotten the results they were hoping for. From some of the pictures I saw, it would appear that plenty of assets were revealed. People don't respond well to being told what to do, even if it might be the right thing.

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