Beyonce and Bootylicious

A lot of my friends were perturbed at the halftime performance of Beyonce during the Super Bowl this year, as well as a few of the commercials. I know some people who boycotted the Super Bowl because of the exploitation of women. I respect all of their opinions.

I watched the Super Bowl (instead of Downton Abbey) last night because my oldest son has become a Raven's fan and it was something we could share (though long distance since he is in college). I usually watch the Super Bowl for a couple of reasons. The commercials (duh!) and just in case there's a last minute exciting ending.

This year the commercials just didn't cut it for me. While I like CBS, it seemed like fully half of the commercials were promo spots for their shows. Most of the commercials felt old and tired. Some were disturbing (GoDaddy was just plain disgusting) and others were nonsensical. A friend of mine described the halftime show as a "Vegas" performance, and I would agree. Though I personally like some of Beyonce's music - I didn't enjoy her show since it seemed so focused on showing off her post baby body that I missed her singing (my opinion).

I understand my friends who are unhappy, but I am not surprised at what happened. Our society has been steadily lowering the division between adult and child appropriateness for years.

Last week I went to see Skyfall, a James Bond movie (rated PG-13) and was surprised to see the number of 8 and 9 year olds there. But then again the youngest victim of the Batman massacre in Boulder last year was only six years old.

The after school television rerun time used to be guaranteed family friendly, safe. Now that time is filled with anything that is in syndication (Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Seinfield) or a cartoon (The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad). While funny shows, not really "kid" shows.

It's not just about television or music entertainment. Just check out your local high school cheer routine - many of these moves used to be reserved for show girls. Prom dresses now readily available at Macy's were reserved for starlets in Hollywood, not 15 and 16 year olds. Nine and ten year olds wear sweatsuits with "bootylicious" written across their backside. Boys wear their pants so loose they have to hold them on with one hand at all times and Justin Bieber gives all the 9 year old girls in his audience a thrill with his crotch grabbing routine (okay - that one is back to music entertainment).

So, was Beyonce inappropriate for a family friendly event? In my opinion yes, but society's opinion seems to be different.

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