The Weather Channel Was Right!

It has been a good day. The weather people were right and it snowed last night. In fact we had thunder snow (so does that mean we'll get snow in another seven days? Hmmm) It started snowing around 6pm and snowed until after midnight. We got 3 and a half inches. Just enough here to shut down school for the day.

We all slept in and then did our own thing for the morning. My husband took his mother to lunch and a movie, Son Two went to a friend's house with a bunch of friends to play in the snow and have fun all day (they were at our house last night studying for the exam they didn't have to take today), and my Daughter ran outside in her barefeet today, then lounged around until we went shopping at Target. The only disappointment was for Son One who goes to school in the mountains. He got six hours of snow last night - but none of it stuck! But even that turned out okay because he just called to tell me he's planning on going skiing tomorrow with a group from school. I'm very proud of him, he's never been skiing before.

It has been a good day.

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