Life really comes down to that don't you think? How we look at things makes all the difference in the world.

Conflicts can generally be reconciled if the parties involved will take the time to see each other's perspective on the issue at hand. Unfortunately it seems too often people are not willing, or sometimes able, to do that.

If I take the time and effort to learn and understand someones perspective on an issue, it doesn't mean I have to agree with them. However, it makes me more likely to be kinder, less abrasive, and willing to come to some kind of compromise or resolution.

If we could gather and appreciate everyone's perspective on life, perhaps we would have a clearer picture of reality.

Just some thoughts while I sit making my grocery list, watching the birds feed on my deck, and waiting for the snow and sleet to hit this afternoon. I must do my thinking now since I will be trapped spending extra time with my teenagers because they are being dismissed three hours early in anticipation of the wintry mix (in NC we like to be prepared for the worst).

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