Let's Go Boxing!

It's Boxing Day! I discovered this "holiday" a few years ago when one of my children had a classmate from England. I can't say we have observed it faithfully, but we have done it from time to time. Today it is very rainy and cold here - so a great day to stay inside and take part. I will give each family member one very large shopping bag that they are to try and fill up with things they don't want any more, clothes that don't fit, or things they just don't use any longer. We will then take it to a local charity to give away.

In addition to clearing things out, I have decided to "box up" a few things in my closet that are not to be given away - but thrown out. These include:

I may find other things in my closet too when I look - but these are the ones that jump out at me at the moment.

What will you box up today?

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