Feeling Like Charlie

I confess, I am in a bit of a spot. Like Charlie Brown, I just don't have the Christmas Spirit (yet). Our tree is up and it's beautiful this year. The house is decorated inside and out. Christmas cards are going out this week. I sang in a fantastic Christmas concert on Sunday. Some presents are bought (though not wrapped and under the tree yet), and others are planned.

But the economy stinks. My husband's business (he's been a small business owner for 17 years) is suffering and I work part-time for a nonprofit. College tuition and insurance all comes due in December. Fortunately my kids are not looking for the "wow" gift,  but I wish I could come up with one and give it to them anyway. The weather is warm which just shouldn't be in December (if I can't have snow I at least need cold).

But all is not lost. Perhaps this is the year I am forced to look beyond the tinsel and wrapping paper, the lights and the music. I didn't think I had forgotten the true source of Christmas joy - but perhaps I have. I shall set my eyes upon the miracle birth of our Savior. No money, no lights, no tinsel required.

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