Christmas Underwear

I can't believe it is less than a week until Christmas. I was so excited at Thanksgiving to think about the "long"  Christmas season we would have because Thanksgiving came early this year. Yet here we are and I am amazed at how time has sped along. I still am struggling to be "into" Christmas this year. A variety of things have contributed to it (the Newtown shootings didn't help), but I am slowly getting there.

The biggest challenge has been having my kids grow up. Christmas truly takes a different flavor when you don't have little kids anymore. My oldest son has become pretty practical and most of what he asked for were things he could really use or needs (like clothes). My second son can't come up with a list (except he wants a smart phone which isn't happening because we really can't justify the expense of a data plan) because he saves his money and buys what he wants and doesn't have a lot of wants (except said smart phone - not any smart phone but the newest iphone - which he's willing to buy if we'd just pay for the data plan - hah!). Even our daughter, at 13, couldn't come up with a list this year. She got an iTouch for her birthday in November which she's wanted for a couple of years. So she's good - can't even come up with a good list for Grandma.

I miss the days when you could "wow" the kids with Little Tike bikes and kitchen sets. Not much "wowing" is happening this year. But, the kids know they will still get their package of underwear (a tradition I started when they were little so when they'd ask what they were getting for Christmas I could truthfully tell them "underwear") and their Christmas Eve present. There will be plenty of other presents under the tree and because their requests were few, they shouldn't be disappointed.

It's a year of new discovery. We're having Christmas dinner at my brother's house this year - the first time it hasn't been at our house in 16 years. The kids are older and did most of their shopping on their own, with very little input from their parents. I am treasuring these moments as I realize I may not have many years left of having all my kids home for Christmas.

That's it! I just got my Christmas glee! I have all my kids home and under one roof. That's enough for me. Now it's time to go buy cookie making ingredients!

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