Blue Nail Polish - Really?

Hmm . . . I'm in a quandary. Too old to wear young fashion trends, not old enough to be eccentric. What's a woman to do? I think I'm too old to wear blue nail polish, but it sure is fun! And right now my 13 year old (who is my very outspoken fashion critic on what's too young for me) seems to think it's okay, but my best friend looks at me funny. Will people not take me seriously if I wear it? Do I care? It's not like I work a high profile, professional job. But what if a great opportunity comes along and I have this nail polish on and it taints someones impression of me? This is too much pressure for a Friday! I think I'll go drink another cup of coffee.

(Just a glimpse into a woman's mind - it's not all fun and games!)

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