Insecure Writer's Support Group - September 2012
It's the first Wednesday of the month - so that means it's time for an Insecure Writer's Support Group post.

Fresh on the high of having actually completed my first (rough) draft manuscript - I'm feeling pretty confident at this moment. But a couple of months ago? Forget it. I thought I'd never finish and I might as well quit.

What changed? I've been working on this manuscript for three years (yes - that's right, three years and no, it isn't a Harry Potter size/intricate/detail rich book) but have been unmotivated to even try and finish it for really about six months or more. Then, when my household was preparing for "back to school" mode, I decided I had to finish this thing. With the the encouragement of blogger friends and my husband, I started getting my mind set for the task. Then, last Saturday I spent the day cleaning my bedroom and bathroom. Why? Because I had decided that Monday (Labor Day) was going to be the day - and I didn't want any excuses (or guilt) for why I shouldn't devote the day to writing. It worked.

I don't know how long this "high" will last (having never experienced it before), but I am enjoying it while it lasts!

Thank you to all the encouraging words I have received through the years - it really does make a difference!

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