Genre Favorites Blogfest

Today I decided to join Alex Cavanaugh's "Genre Favorites Blogfest". Why don't you join us?

My favorite movie genre: I love action fantasy movies. I just finished a marathon watching of the Lord of the Rings trilogy this weekend and also got in the first Chronicles of Narnia.

My favorite music genre: Unashamedly 70's/80's pop. My poor husband used to practically apologize at the store when he would buy me Barry Manilow or The Carpenters (he is an alternative punk fan - think Black Flag). But his love prevailed and he does buy me music (thank goodness for Amazon which comes in a brown wrapper).

My favorite book genre: Mysteries - especially Victorian time frame. My favorite mystery author is Anne Perry who writes wonderfully intricate, intriguing, gritty mysteries without being vulgar (which seems to be a rare quality in mysteries). I try to read a wide variety of genres (I mean - I do love fantasy movies so obviously I read fantasy too).

My guilty pleasure genre: Silly romantic comedies such as Love Actually, Notting Hill, The Wedding Planner, etc.  These are best enjoyed alone with a glass of wine and a bowl of chocolate.