Crossing the Center Line

Driving to work this week I had two cars do that "drift over the center line" thing within 10 minutes of each other. My senses went into overdrive until they were safely gone. When driving, I definitely want people to stay in one lane or the other.

I have noticed though that we tend to expect/demand for people to be in "one lane or the other" when it comes to Life. People who "drive down the center" are accused of being indecisive, uncommitted, shallow, wishy-washy, apathetic, stupid, uncaring, etc.

That's me in many circumstances. While there are multiple issues in life that I am definitely in one lane or another, a lot of life I drive down the center. I simply have chosen where to spend my energy. So, if you see me driving down the center of life - please know that I do care. If you see me driving down the center of the street - stop me!

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