A New Driver's License

Around 3
It is hard for me to believe - but my middle child got his drivers license yesterday. Where did the time go? Once upon a time he was this little boy (we always thought he was real little because his older brother was real big) with a smile that took up his whole face and while he still has a big smile - he's not a little boy anymore.
8th grade graduation

His getting a driver's license has been a bit harder for me to be comfortable with than it was with his brother. Not because he can't drive well, but I think it's because I realize now how fast this next stage of his life (and mine) will go, having already gone through it with his brother.

A Driver at Last!
He turned 16 last month, and now he's a junior in high school taking AP classes and working on college prep. It's a lot for this mom to absorb. I know what comes next.

So I shall remember his big toothy little kid grin, and embrace the fact that someone else can go to the store to get milk. I am going to set aside what I know is coming soon and try to live in and enjoy the moment.

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