Your Ancestry on Labor Day

In July of 2008 I joined - well, joined may not be the right word since I didn't buy the subscription - just registered for the free version. I did it because my mother had just passed away and I felt the need to record all the things I should have done years ago. was great. With it I have connected with distant cousins and feel good about putting down information for my kids in the future. I was fortunate that various family members had sent me their genealogy research and all I had to do was plug in the information. From time to time will offer freebies - such as this weekend (now through midnight Sept. 3) they are letting you view ALL census information (through 1940) even if you are not a paid member (you do have to at least use the free version). I plan to use it a LOT to attach census information to everyone I can this weekend.

I share this information because I think recording your family tree is valuable, and this is an instance where technology can be a huge help. I am not really that big into the whole genealogy thing (I don't travel the countryside looking at gravestones).  After my initial burst of energy I find that my work on it comes in spurts every few months, usually after a distant cousin contacts me with a question.

I feel good about doing this not only for myself, but also for my children. I wish I had done this while my mom was still alive, but back then I thought I had forever.

Check out this weekend - you just might like it!

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