Three Great Kinds of Quiet

Yesterday morning I was all impressed with the empty quiet of the house after the kids went to school. Last night it was the house was full of homework quiet. Both of them had assignments on the first day, especially my high school junior. All of my kids are now back into academic mode. I talked with my eldest and he's taking a Logic class that is truly challenging him, which we all agree is a wonderful thing. My middle child came home with a serious attitude about his four AP classes and took a proactive approach (as in started working on assignments well before they are due). My youngest organized her binder dividers, completed her homework and though a little apprehensive about her math and PE teachers, displayed a positive attitude toward the new year.

I love the beginning of a school year. Not only because it gets our household back into a routine, but because in addition to bringing a fresh start for my kids - it brings a fresh start for me. Suddenly I have energy and a mind toward more creativity. Writing takes on a priority once again. I AM going to finish writing my book this fall. I feel it in my bones.

So here's to empty quiet and homework quiet and the fresh start they bring. They say good things come in three's - so I'm waiting for that wonderful snow quiet that comes when it snows during the night and you wake up to a winter wonderland. That's the best!

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