Social Suicide

Have you ever heard of social suicide? I hadn't until this week. My oldest son decided to commit a modified version of social suicide right before heading back to college. He deactivated his Facebook account, however he did create a new account but is deciding to be very select in who he friends (fortunately he is giving family a "pity approval"). He thinks having more than 100 friends is pretty silly - since these are people he doesn't/wouldn't/can't interact with.

I'm pretty proud of him. Not because I think you can't have a gazillion "friends" (that's his brother's style) - but because he is controlling social media instead of social media controlling him. He told me he didn't need all of the negative stuff coming his way from people that are not really a part of his life.

It has become easy to let technology and social media lead us, when they are only supposed to be tools to enhance our lives. Use them the way they are good for YOU.

Looks like I need to run my "beach sweeper" over my social media . . .

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