Olympic First Loser - Say What?

I have been thinking about the Olympics. I haven't watched them that much, we were on vacation when they started and then I had to go back to work . . . you know - life. We elect not to have DVR or TiVo, so I'm dependent upon news clips and the occasional watching if I'm around. I heard coming in second, being awarded a Silver medal, described as being the first loser. That's really a shame. From time to time I've heard someone say, hey - "I did my best and the Gold medal winner was faster/stronger/better - so congrats all around".

I don't know if this is primarily an American attitude or an Olympic athlete attitude. I have heard several British Silver medal winners who seem thrilled to have won.

In an American society that has, for the last 20 years, largely awarded trophies just for showing up, I admire these Olympic athletes who have dealt with true competition their entire lives. I'm just sorry that they don't see that winning the Silver isn't losing.

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