Coffeemakers Can Be Replaced

We got up one morning this week, filled up the coffeemaker with water, put in the paper filter with our three scoops of ground coffee, turned it on and went about our morning routine. As I looked over at the coffeemaker while getting my coffee mug out of the cabinet, I saw a unwelcome sight - the light was on but the carafe was empty. I went over, turned it off, unplugged it, plugged it back in, turned it on and said a quick "please" over it. A few minutes later I checked it and once again - the light was on, but the carafe was still empty. It's time had come.

With great sadness we unplugged it and set it aside and made plans to purchase a new one after work. A trip to Walmart later, we came home with a Black and Decker CM1050B. The next morning we enjoyed our usual cup of coffee.

Like my coffeemaker, sometimes my lights are on but I too am empty. Unlike my coffeemaker, getting unplugged and then getting plugged back in generally fixes me. Coffeemakers can be replaced, people cannot. I am glad I am not a coffeemaker.

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