Beach Sweeping My Life

I was at the beach a couple of weeks ago with three generations of women in my family. I always seemed to be the first one up, which was fine with me. I would make coffee and sit on the balcony with my thoughts. One morning I looked out and saw an unusual vehicle going down the beach. It took me a minute but then I figured out it was a beach cleaner. (actually I think my mother-in-law had come out by then and helped me figure it out) It would drive along (it made a few passes) and you could hear cans and glass and I guess big shells being pulled up into it and deposited in the holder on the back. It worked like a floor sweeper. Behind the beach sweeper you'd see a nice path of clean, combed sand - ready for the visitors of the day.

I need a daily "life" sweeper in my life. Something that comes along and sweeps up all the junk that got left on my "beach" the day before, leaving a nice clean patch of sand to be enjoyed today.

My sweeper has many parts. Prayer, quiet time, writing, a cup of coffee - these are some of the components of my sweeper. Writing this today - my sand feels cleaner already.

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