Make-up in Politics: Too Much? Too Little?

It seems to me like women in politics are in a tough place when it comes to appearance. I saw the mayor of Baltimore last week and I admit, I couldn't keep from staring at her eyes. She wore a thick layer of glittering black eye shadow. This was on the CBS Morning Show, and I couldn't get past the glitter. I couldn't concentrate on what she was talking about.

But then you have Hillary Clinton, who has had her appearance dissected from day one on the campaign trail way back in 1992. The latest complaint? That she's too plain and "letting herself go". I will admit I think she has looked more attractive, but does that change her abilities?

Men just seem to have an easier time of it. As long as they are clean, about the only appearance infraction I can think of is if they have a combover or a bad toupee.

I guess we're still a ways off from Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of being judged by the content of our character.

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