How Transparent Do I Want to Be?

There's a blogger that I really admire and have enjoyed reading for a while now. Her name is Elizabeth Esther and she lives in California. Though I have not always agreed with her, I have tremendous respect for her and her willingness to be transparent and public on her journey of discovery. I also follow her on Twitter and have appreciated that she has answered me the few times I have tweeted her. She has a unique voice to share with us. I have been considering lately if I could be, or would want to be, that transparent to the world. I think the honest answer is no. While I admire it, I know some of the people who read my blog and I don't think I'm ready to be that open. Though I am always honest, I do not lay my soul bare for the world to see.

It's time to decide what tone I want this blog/column to take. I'm going to take the rest of the summer to decide and in September I hope to launch into a more directed focus. In the meantime I will continue as I have with whatever hits my brain. If you have any comments, ideas, or suggestions, I welcome them.

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