Fascinated by TomKat

I am slightly embarrassed to say that I have been fascinated with the whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes breakup. I find myself reading Yahoo news feeds that pop up and looking at pictures of Katie and Suri having ice cream. Now, this wouldn't be so unusual if I were a fan of either Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes - but I'm not. I've seen some of their movies, but I can't say that I am particularly impressed with either of them. I was aware of their very public romance and subsequent marriage (I mean everyone knows about the coach jumping scene on Oprah) but didn't particularly care. So why the fascination with their breakup?

I can only suppose it is because it is coming across more like a daring escape in broad daylight (kind of like Melanie Griffith in Shining Through). It's really none of my business (in spite of People magazine and the Today Show trying to make me feel like it is), but there's just something about this story that has my attention.

I need to turn my attention to something important - like discovering that there are no 7-Elevens within 50 miles of me - so I couldn't get my free Slurpee yesterday! This is tragic, but I can celebrate Krispy Kreme's birthday on Friday with getting a second dozen original glazed for only 75 cents, so maybe things aren't that bad after all.

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