A Tendril of a Dream

When I was a "young woman" I wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore - specifically I wanted to live the life of Mary Richards in the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Though years have gone by and I love my life of a wife and mom, I admit that at times that dream still niggles in a back corner of my mind. Funny things will trigger it. Today it was a piece in our local newspaper about a new apartment complex that is being built downtown. I happen to drive past that complex three days a week when I go to my job at Kids Voting, so I have been watching the progress. I  noticed last week that one of the buildings had tenants (a bike on one balcony and plants on another one gave it away) and that's what the article was about.

I wonder why it is that even though many of us may be extremely happy in our life, there's that piece of a dream somewhere in the back of our minds that still hangs on? There's a shadow of, "what if", or "I wonder" that can still pass over the bright sunshine of our life. Even when a dream is over, there are little tendrils that are deeply embedded in our heart and mind. What do we do with them?

For me? I'm angling for an apartment in the city when we become empty nesters, of course my husband wants to run a general store in New England or in Alaska for the crab fishermen (thanks a lot Jesse Stone and The Deadliest Catch). It will be interesting to see how we "tweak" our dreams together.

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