Lessons from Daisy

We've had Daisy in our life about ten months now. She's a Jack Russell Terrier and a bundle of energy but is extremely loving and a great lap dog.

When I take her outside I can't help but notice her particularness about choosing a place to relieve herself. She never just goes to a spot and lets it all out, no matter how much she needs to go. First she sniffs, walks around, sniffs some more, and finally when some place "smells just right", she will take care of business. I have no idea how some place smells like the "right" place (though I'm sure there has been a government grant given somewhere to someone who has devoted a year to the subject and written a paper that is published somewhere).

What would life be like if people took the same kind of care in choosing where to 'dump' their emotional load? What if we took the time to carefully choose where/who we relieved ourselves instead of just letting it out whenever we felt like it?

On another note, my niece was published in an online magazine for the second time (and I'm not jealous, really!). See her article here.

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