In a Funk

I recently heard parenting described in three stages. Caretaker (you do everything), Coach (you show them/encourage them as they move forward), Consultant (you give advice when asked).

I think I liked caretaker best, it was certainly the easiest mentally and emotionally. Coaching is hard. Coaching sounds easy - I mean who doesn't like encouraging their kids? What I forgot is that sometimes the players don't want to do what the coach says, especially when they see other parents/coaches taking a different approach with their kids (generally I am saying no when they are saying yes).  I find myself re-examining my decisions all the time.

Consulting, I haven't learned that yet.

Parenting has consumed me lately, almost more than when my kids were little. Add in little stuff like my mini-van having 3 CDs stuck in its player, a uncertain summer schedule, politics consuming the airwaves, no writing, and I am in a funk.

Here's a song that helps me move forward.

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