What's Your Tongue For?

I don't understand tongue piercings . . .

I am not against piercings, I have two ear piercings myself. The first set, in the traditional place, I got when I was 21. I would have gotten it when I was 18, but I had this little nodule in my earlobe that I had to have removed before I could get it done. I got my second set as a gift to myself when I turned 40. My husband gave me diamond studs for my 40th birthday and I wanted to wear them all the time - so I got a second piercing.

But tongue piercings? I don't get it. You can't see it unless the person opens their mouth and everyone I've met with a tongue piercing has hindered speech. I also think keeping it cleaned would be a real challenge since the mouth is full of bacteria. Guess I'm old, I just don't see the appeal.

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