A to Z Reflections

Well, it's time to post my reflections about my 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge experience. This was my second time to participate. Last year I did a word a day, simply looking through the dictionary for words that I didn't use so much. I made a lot of acquaintances and gained followers. The best part was getting to know Arlee Bird and Alex Cavanaugh. The support they have given me since then has been invaluable.

This year I felt more comfortable and went with a memory theme (food memories). The comments I received from old and new followers were encouraging and fun. Probably the most exciting thing was being mentioned in one of Arlee's posts, I was so incredibly honored that he recommended me. I did try to visit more blogs this year than last and enjoyed meeting new writers.

I haven't had much time since then to follow up, but I will. The best part of participating in the challenge is meeting new people and creating new interactions. I have decided that I will do my best to recommend other bloggers throughout the year and give them the encouragement that Arlee and Alex have given me.

Short of some catastrophe, I am definitely in again next year!

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