Mallard in a Minefield

I drove by the duck on the way to the library. "What's he doing, sitting in the middle of the road?" I wondered, then I looked just past him and saw the other mallard laying mangled and dead on the side of the road.

I understood his paralysis. Stop and sit where you are, even if it's a dangerous place, when you feel blindsided by life.

I feel that way right now. Afraid to move, to say anything. This week North Carolina voted on a controversial constitutional amendment. I did my research, cut through the propaganda on both sides as best I could, carefully considered the issue, and then voted my beliefs.

Being a lifelong non-confrontationist (I really hate to argue),  my spirit feels battered and bruised from the flying shrapnel. Facebook is a battlefield laid with landmines. Normally quiet, gentle and loving people spout rhetoric and attack the other side. There seems no middle ground, no respect for each other, no room for disagreement. The other side is considered stupid. People I love, respect, and cherish stand fiercely on both sides of the issue. I respect both sides. I am perceived as wimpy by many for my lack of guts to "stand up and declare what is right".

So like the duck in the road, I stop and hesitate in the middle of the minefield. If I try to explain my convictions I fear I will end up like the mangled mallard on the side of the road. But eventually I know I must move out of harms way, I just pray I can make it quietly to the side of the road, off the battlefield and back into my pond.

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