Okay, so I'm struggling with a bit of jealousy right now. Mostly writer jealousy. "Who you, you humble sweet perfect woman?" you might respond. "Yes, me," I would respond in quiet despair . . .  Okay - maybe not.  Anyway, I am jealous of:

Elizabeth Esther  - a blogger I have followed for awhile that I really enjoy reading. I'm jealous she has an agent BEFORE she's written her book!

Sylvia - a new friend in my writer's group who has a book being published this summer.

Alex Cavanaugh who is a wonderful blog friend to me, but has two books published, keeps an incredible blog going, and manages to be a supportive friend to everyone on the Internet.

And then to top it off, Jessica Alba not only looks fantastic, but is a mom to two little kids and runs her own business (healthy baby diapers) and is on the cover of Marie Claire this month.

There, I'm done whining today.

Here's a video about jealousy . . . it doesn't really apply to what I wrote, but though not a country fan I've just always thought this song was great. Enjoy!

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