Babies Must Love The Avengers

My husband took me (and our daughter) to see The Avengers on Mother's Day weekend. He and our sons had already seen it (they have a tradition of seeing superhero movies with another family on opening day). We went to a late afternoon matinee. I was amazed at the number of infants I saw being brought into the theater. There were no less than 4 baby carriers and a young toddler held in her parents arms. Now, even at matinee prices we had just paid $7 for our tickets (we went for regular not 3D) and I wasn't looking forward to crying babies. We had the toddler directly in front of us, and two carriers (twins?) on the end of our row. Fortunately, miraculously, there were no interruptions from the children. The toddler in front of us went to sleep and slept for the first hour, then ate some snacks that kept her quiet for the next hour. At one point she did start to fuss and her father got up quickly and took her out and then stayed to the side.

It would never have occurred to me when my children were babies to take them to the theater. Aside from the issue of their possible noise disturbing everyone else, there would have been the issue of wasting money to go stand out in the hallway if I couldn't get them quieted down, and most of all - it's LOUD at the movies - especially watching a superhero action film! That can't be good for an infant's ears. My belief was, and still is, that if you can't afford a babysitter then you can't afford to go to the movies AND that as a parent, some sacrifices have to be made. It is only for a season, which passes pretty quickly, and we're talking about entertainment here - not world changing opportunities.

I enjoyed the movie a lot (Thor is my favorite, though the Hulk was pretty cool in this film) and I'm awfully glad the babies all kept quiet.

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