In keeping with my food memory theme, I decided to end with a frozen ZERO candy bar (not the highly anticipated zucchini {fooled you Linda!}). I remember getting Zero bars growing up (I seem to remember my mother liked them a lot) and I liked them, there's nothing flavored quite like them. But after I got married I had them in a new way - frozen. It is quite popular at the pool (which I didn't go to when I was a kid, but that's for another post another time) and my husband introduced them to me. I suppose you could freeze them at home - but somehow I think they're only good that way when you get them at the pool . . . something about the combination of the hot summer sun beating on the concrete with the cold refreshing water beckoning. Hmm . . . I know what I'm doing at least once this summer!

Z is for Zero (candy bar) / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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