Sludgies (State Cookies)
One of my favorite cookies growing up was my Mom's "State Cookies". I still use her handwritten recipe today. A few simple ingredients that most people keep in their kitchen all the time, and you have a great cookie. When I grew up, I discovered they had another name - " No Bakes". You cook them on the stove and then spoon them out to cool on wax paper. My children love these cookies, though they have renamed them yet again. For some reason I don't seem to get the consistency "right" as much as I'd like and they don't always set up great. My kids have renamed them "Sludgies" and ask for them by that name a lot. My husband claims to hate these cookies, and yet I see him eating his fair share of the take. So, in our house we have Sludgies. Now that I've written about them, I guess I need to go make a batch!

S is for Sludgies / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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