Rhubarb plants are really cool. Even if you don't care for the stuff, the plant is neat. The only time I really remember having rhubarb was in high school when my mother decided to grow it. We lived in a mobile home park and she decided it would be a good plant to help disguise the trailer tongue on the front of our home and give us another food to fix. She was right, the plants grew HUGE and covered the whole thing. I can vaguely remember the pies she made from the red stalks. Technically rhubarb is a vegetable, but people use it like a fruit and make pies. Actually, I don't remember people eating it any other way than in pie. Seems like they were okay, maybe I'll grow some and see if my kids like rhubarb pie (not likely).

R is for Rhubarb / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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