Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Peas - Green

Like a lot of little kids, I hated green peas growing up. In fact, I remember in 2nd grade we had a garter snack in our classroom for a pet. We used to get our lunch from the lunchroom and bring it back to our room and eat at our desks. On the days they served green peas that poor snake had a MOUND of green peas in the corner of his cage. It's a wonder we didn't kill the poor thing.

I can tell you EXACTLY when I started liking green peas, which is pretty weird I think!  Anyway, when I was 16 I went to visit some family friends in Utah (we lived in Idaho). They had been up to visit and I went back with them in their camper. Now, my parents taught me that when we were eating at someone else's house, you always HAD to eat at least a small bite of whatever they were serving. This is important to know for what happens next. Mrs. Gurule was fixing dinner and what was the meal? A one meal dish of ground beef, onions, and GREEN PEAS. That was the MEAL as best I remember. What to do? Take a decent helping and thank God my parents had trained me to eat what I didn't like.

But what should happen? I took a bite - and LOVED it! I couldn't believe it. And from that moment on I have liked green peas fixed anyway I get them. Go figure!

P is for Peas (Green) / A to Z Blogging Challenge


  1. We've managed to teach our little one to eat all types of veggies, including peas. Sadly, most kids nowadays hate veggies, most especially peas. My sister hates them, by the way.

    P.S.: I mistakenly deleted your comment to my last blog. Call it a "clicking error". :) Sorry.

  2. I've always loved peas. Apparently for my first Christmas lunch all I ate was peas and stuffing, with my fingers :)

  3. frozen and fresh, yes.... canned? no way!

    and PS- I don't know how to fix the side of my page to make your present blog show up! It used to change automatically to your newest one, but it has changed in months! What am I doing wrong?

  4. I hated them as a kid but in certain dishes, I like them now. I think it was pea peer pressure back then!

  5. Peas have always been one of my favorite veggies. The best are the baby peas :)

  6. I always have liked peas in any concoction. Even as a kid. My sisters were never too fond of them though.

  7. I never could stand peas when I was growing up, but now I know it was the preparation. Those nasty, mealy, mushy canned peas were disgusting. Later I discovered pea salad, pea soup, peas with pearl onions, and those crispy spring peas or whatever they are. If made right peas are delicious.

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