Onions (and Cornbread!)

As you may remember from previous posts, my parents are from the South - so I grew up with cornbread as a regular staple. Mom made it in a cast iron skillet (which I regret I have not followed through on). In my memory my mom could throw together a pan of cornbread in mere moments. Brush it with butter and it's the best thing ever.

But, one of the best ways to have it was with chopped onions and milk. This was one of my father's favorite "light" dinners (you know when you're eating late or you just don't want to cook). It's easy enough. Take cornbread (fresh or leftover - though hot is really good) and crumble it up in a glass (we had these really cool goblets that were popular back in the 70's). Chop up onion and mix in. Then pour ice cold milk (admittedly my parents liked buttermilk but I could never stand that) over it. Let sit for a minute then stick a soup spoon in and start to eat. Yum!

O is for Onions / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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