I discovered the addiction of Nutella only last year (I think). I had heard of it, decided to try it, and oh my. Then even worse, I found that if I bought it at Costco I could get two BIG containers for only a few dollars more than one SMALL container at any other store. What is it? Well, it's like chocolate heaven without being all chocolate. It's made of hazelnuts and cocoa, but it tastes like chocolate to me. It is wonderful on toast, a substitute for peanut butter in a sandwich, straight out of the jar . . .

But my personal favorite? One plain bagel (toasted or not). Take whipped cream cheese and dab on your bagel in four spots. Then fill in the four open spots with Nutella. What do you have? A heavenly explosion of sweet and cold and creamy deliciousness. I don't let myself have this often, but when I do? I'm definitely in a good mood all day.

N is for Nutella / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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