Karo Syrup and Butter

My parents were from the South, well my Dad was (Mississippi) - my mom was actually considered a Northerner because she came from Kentucky. That said, both my parents grew up using molasses as a sweetener. I don't remember having molasses much at all, but what we did have was Karo Syrup. An easy breakfast was to pour a puddle of Karo Syrup on our plate (clear was all I ever remember having but now there are choices) and then cut off a pat of butter or margarine and swirl them together with your fork. Then take biscuits, break them apart and either "sop" up the syrup or if you felt particularly mannerly cut the biscuits up and drag the pieces through the syrup. Yum, yum - no wonder I have such a sweet tooth!

K is for Karo Syrup / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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