Jelly, Jam, and Jelly Beans

As a kid when we traveled we always tried to eat at truck stops. My father's reasoning was that truckers knew where the good food was and if you saw a bunch of trucks there - that was the place to eat. He was right. My daddy loved to order breakfast when we were out like that. One of the things I looked forward to was that little box thing on the table full of jelly in little containers. We would pick through them for our favorite flavors. Orange marmalade for my Dad, can't remember my Mom's or sibling's favorites, and I would look for mixed fruit, followed by apple, and then grape coming in third place. Jelly always tasted better when it came in those little packets. Today is my brother's birthday and he likes jelly beans  - Happy 60th Birthday Gary!

J is for Jelly, Jam & Jelly Beans / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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