Easter Eggs

Easter when I was a kid meant getting a new dress and shoes, ham and pineapple, a basket with plastic straw in it, a chocolate bunny, and dying Easter Eggs. On the Saturday before we would cover the table with newspaper and set out bowls of water ready for the PAAS dye tablets to go in. I don't remember how many eggs we would make, but probably 2 dozen. Everyone would join in. Some turned out ugly, some really cute, some very creative.

Sunday afternoon, after church, after lunch - we would have the Easter egg hunt. Mom or Dad would hide them and I would look for them and gather them in my basket. When my sister got old enough she would join in too. It was lots of fun. After the last hunt (we would have more than one) all the eggs would be put on a plate or in a bowl and sat on the dining room table ready to be eaten. What I remember is that I didn't like boiled eggs, so my Dad would dutifully go by and pick up an egg or two and eat those Easter Eggs until they were all gone.

Such a sweet memory, Daddy eating way more eggs than he wanted just so we could decorate them.

E is for Easter Eggs / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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