Doughnuts - Homemade, Sort of
My mom used to make doughnuts as a breakfast treat when I was a kid. There were no doughnut makers, only ingenuity. I have no idea if she made this up or if she had seen it done somewhere, but it didn't matter to me - they were great. It was messy so we'd only do it on Saturday mornings. She always let me help. What was needed? Her cast iron skillet full of hot oil (probably melted Crisco since oil wasn't that popular to use as I recall). Two tubes of refrigerator biscuits, two brown paper lunch bags, granulated sugar, and powdered sugar. After taking the biscuits out and separating them, Mom would poke a hole in the middle with her finger, making it large enough that it wouldn't go back together. We would put some granulated sugar in one bag and the powdered sugar in the other. Mom would drop a couple of doughnuts in the hot oil. When they had puffed up and turned golden, she would take them out with tongs, give them a little shake and drop them in the paper bags one by one. My job was to hold the bag shut and shake like crazy to coat them with the sugar inside. She'd start another set while I shook. We'd take the them out of the bag put them on a plate and start the next ones.

We did buy store made doughnuts from time to time from the store bakery or Winchells doughnuts (there were no Krispy Kremes on the West Coast). But in my memory - these were the best doughnuts ever.

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