Cheesy Cheese
I love cheese, all kinds. When I was a kid the cheapest cheese was Velveeta. We'd buy our 2 pound box, slice it off as needed and it went on every sandwich, every grilled cheese, everything that needed cheese. I remember that a treat would be when Mom would buy an 8 slice pack of individually wrapped cheese for the sandwich in my lunch for field trips. That was a real treat (along with the pimento loaf lunch meat she would buy). Of course we always had cheddar too, but that was rare to put on a sandwich.

Now I rarely buy Velveeta as it seems expensive and our kids don't like American cheese unless it comes from a fast food place.. We keep cheddar and feta in the refrigerator at all times. At Subway I always order provolone and for road trips we always take Swiss for a picnic on the road. At restaurants I'm a sucker for anything with goat cheese.

C is for Cheese / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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