Bologna was a sandwich staple when I was growing up. Not sliced though, we bought it in the big red "tubes". Seems like we'd have the butcher slice part of it thin and then bring the rest home "whole" so my parents could slice it according to what they liked (my dad liked thick).

We had a hand crank meat grinder that my mom would clamp onto the side of the counter. In it would go a chunk of bologna, Velveeta cheese (we'll talk about that tomorrow), and relish. Grind it all together and out comes a terrible looking mixture. Add mayonnaise to and it became a sandwich spread (think potted meat with "stuff").

My favorite bologna sandwich however was bologna, cheese (Velveeta in the old days - cheddar now), and a big slice of onion. Medium mayo on white bread. Unless it was a fried bologna sandwich . . .

I think I'm destined to eat bologna for lunch today . . .

B is for Bologna / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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