When I was a kid (or as my daughter says - "back in the day") I spent a significant portion of my childhood living in Idaho. That's where I remember being introduced to asparagus. It was a common practice then (I don't know about now) for asparagus to grow wild in the ditch banks around the fields of mint, sugar beets, corn and yes even potatoes. Summer evenings we'd be driving home from somewhere and next thing I knew we'd be pulled off the side of the road and cutting a "bunch" of asparagus to take home and cook. Mom would cut it up, batter it, and fry it like okra. It was a wild and free food, I don't think we would ever have bought it at the grocery store. My dad reminded me that you did have to be careful when you cut it, to be sure and get it before the pesticide had been sprayed.

Nowadays I buy a 2 lb bundle of it for $4 - $6 and broil it with olive oil and garlic. I never fail to remember those dusky stops at the ditch banks every time I fix it. A sweet and warm memory.

A is for Asparagus / A to Z Blogging Challenge

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