Women Warriors

It seems to be time for women warriors (in movies that is).

First - Katniss in The Hunger Games (which was a fantastically written book by the way).

Second - Snow White in Mirror, Mirror (it's got Julia Roberts - it's gotta be good!)

Third - Snow White (again) in Snow White and the Huntsman (okay Chris Hemsworth as her protector is the draw for me)

Fourth - Merida in Brave (Pixar movies are required viewing in our house)

I intend to see all of these movies - not because there is a female lead, but because they look like great movies. I think much will be made out of the fact that Snow White is getting a makeover from her syrupy sweet persona into a strong warrior princess. I don't care, (though I will say when we went to Disney a few years ago at the Princess Breakfast Snow White was the only one that was a bit creepy . . .). I think women have always been strong role models whether they are out slashing the the enemy with a sword or setting up teepees or getting dinner on the table. I don't need a movie to tell me that. I look to movies to entertain me for a couple of hours.

I also intend to see The Avengers (it's got THOR!) and The Amazing Spiderman (I like superheros, okay?) and of course The Hobbit (that will be a birthday treat in December).

Funny, I generally don't go to movies when they first come out (too expensive), but it looks like I'm making an exception this year - better start saving all my change!

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