Two Writer's Groups in One Day

Today I have two writer's groups to attend.

One is here - I joined up with Alex Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Group Blog Hop. I really appreciate Alex and his support of all writers. He has been a big encouragement to me here in blogland.  I'm not quite sure what to share for this bloghop, so I'm going to list my insecurities (in regards to writing).

My second group is the EFW (Eclectic Fiction Writers), we meet the first Wednesday of each month. We have been on hiatus since November, but are starting back today. After much discussion we are taking a new approach. Instead of critiquing each other's work - we are going to do mini-workshops to help strengthen our writing instead.  An interesting note - I went to hear Kim Edwards speak (author of The Memory Keeper's Daughter) last week and she said she doesn't let anyone read her work until she sends it to her agent. I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I do think there is a balance to keep with critique groups, especially for new writers. I found for myself that I tended to wait for feedback before I really went forward with my writing - because I wasn't secure enough in my writing yet. This is one reason we are going to do mini-workshops for now, hopefully we will work on our craft together, but focus on writing on our own. Later when we have more to share, we will.

I do believe that support groups (whether in person or online) have great value - and I'm proud to be part of them. Writers - write today! Readers - read today! People - live today!